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    Led panel light FD-LED5560S<br/> ?? 576pcs ultra bright long-life LEDs<br/> ?? SMD Surface mounted, 120° beam angle<br/> ?? 100W power, 2600Lux @ 1meter<br/> ?? 3200K-5600K continuously adjustable<br/> ?? AC100V-240V DC 12-18V input<br/> ?? No fan, no noise<br/> ?? 0-100% flick-free dimming<br/> ?? Color rendering CRI 95, TLCI 95<br/> ? DMX512 ,dimmer,remote controller<br/> ?? LCD display color and dimmer value<br/> ?? 4-leaf metal barn doors and Yoke bracket<br/> ?? 5 special effect: paparazzi, lighting, TV, firework, broken bulb
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    After-sales guarantee


    Dear customers

    Thank you very much for your concern and support, and pleased your choose and purchasing, if you have technical questions, or get problems on the product quality while using, contact us anytime by calls +0086-25-85437311, email: fansai@farseeingvideo.com. Simultaneously we strictly implement the relevant liability regulations, here we promise to you the following services:

    Quality Warranty:

    1. One-month guarantee for replacement: User can choose to replace or repair the product if there is any quality problem within one month since the date of sale. The seller shall be responsible for replacing the product with the same model and specification while the products are requested to be replaced.

    2. One-year warranty: Any quality problem and in the normal warranty scope, free maintenance service will be provided for one year since the date of sale

    Under the following circumstances, no replacement or warranty shall be given:

    1. Over the warranty period.

    2. Failure to use, maintain or keep the product in accordance with the instructions for use and precautions.

    3. Products that have been disassembled, modified or repaired without the authorization of FARSEEING.

    4. Products damaged by accidents and irresistible natural factors.

    5. Products damaged due to improper transportation by users.

    Repair instructions:

    More than one year free warranty, products, the company in the process of maintenance, if found to be simple components damage, will provide free maintenance service for the user, if there is a more valuable components damage, the company will be charge of the maintenance only the cost but no service charge if the client agree to pay maintenance.

    The above list applies to the battery, charger, accessories, lamps, support and other products of the company.

    The right of interpretation of these provisions shall be vested in FARSEEING. FARSEEING company reserves the right to modify these provisions without prior notice.

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